Liberia Palm Oil

On the back of a 14-year civil war and an Ebola outbreak which devastated the entire nation, Liberia has set its sights on palm oil to rebuild its economy. Projected to provide thousands of jobs for a country with over 1 million people living in extreme poverty, palm oil looks to offer Liberia a welcome economic break. But there is a catch.

Without effective management and oversight of the burgeoning palm oil industry, Liberia risks destroying vast primary forests, including a large portion of the original upper ecosystem, along with critical natural resources and the benefits they provide to local communities.

Recognizing the importance of economic development, GCP, in partnership with Conservation International and the Global Environment Facility, is supporting the Government of Liberia to roll-out a sustainable palm oil national action plan. The government-led initiative prioritises livelihoods while keeping the country’s pristine forests intact.



In-Country Team

Moses Massah, Head of the Energy and Environment portfolio at UNDP in Liberia: [email protected]

Galah Toto, National Platform Manager: [email protected]

Ronald Cumberbatch, the Good Growth Partnership project manager for Liberia: [email protected]

Gradiah Walker Bou Hussein, Communications and Events: [email protected]

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