Realising sustainable agro-commodity production will require good governance and effective public-private partnerships in producer countries. Companies currently invest significant resources into supply chain management approaches, but relatively little into effective cross-sector collaboration with producer governments. This means that the most essential ingredient of any long-term solution is being overlooked. Greater resources to address governance and the enabling conditions for sustainable production are urgently needed.  

This initiative aims to increase the effectiveness of private sector collaboration with governments to protect and strengthen agricultural commodity production and supply chains. It focuses on how to address systemic issues in the global food system more effectively. Specifically on how to increase the effectiveness of private sector collaboration with governments in developing countries to help build the enabling conditions for the sustainable production of major agricultural commodity crops driving deforestation.

GCP intends to use the initiative as an opportunity to reflect on and learn how to improve our own approaches to public private collaboration, particularly through our national commodity platforms. It gives us the opportunity to improve our own processes and to explore other potential ways in which UNDP can facilitate effective public-private collaboration for sustainable agriculture and more broadly to address the Sustainable Development Goals.


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On the eve of the IPPC's call to action, leaders from major food brands and commodity traders convened to discuss how to better align international efforts to tackle deforestation.



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